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Mind,Baby,Body was founded on the knowledge and experience that a mothers needs and her baby's needs are of the utmost importance. My team is committed to meeting your needs so your baby has the most peaceful and powerful introduction into the world. The birthing process is foundational and leaves a deep impression that shapes personality, attitudes, and behaviors for many years to come.
Birth trauma psychotherapists believe that todays practices of scheduling c-sections, inducing labor and other aspects of our modern high-tech environment have made birth too cold, too noisy, too bright, and too big for the proper handling of babies. In modern medicine's strive to reduce risk they have caused collateral damage on the many healthy babies through aggressive, painful routines. Babies are too often separated--or isolated--from their mothers, while caregivers introduce bottles instead of breasts! Babies today have their cords cut and are whisked away from their mothers for examination. This deprives them of the critical 1/3  of their blood circulating through the cord and placenta. Studies show this can result in low blood cells counts, iron deficiency, lower oxygen levels to the brain and even a compromised immune system. 
Often parents have signed away their rights months in advance and medical procedures that conflict with the wishes of  mothers, fathers, and babies are never voiced. The belief among medical professionals just a decade ago was that babies came into the world with no sense of pain, no real emotion, and no real mind to interpret anything happening to them. This tragic miscalculation has been proven wrong. Unfortunately it still taints the rituals of obstetrical birth in the United States. It seems absurd that the world's richest nation ranks 38th worldwide for infant life expectancy at birth! and 50th for maternal mortality!

*New analysis shows that the states reporting higher than average cesarean rates (over 33% of births) had a 21% higher risk of maternal mortality. While countries utilizing Doula's and Midwives were rated the SAFEST. New Jersey had a 39.5% cesarean section rate, the WORST in the entire United States and it continues to rise!
 (Check out your hospital at - http://www.icanofnj.com/hospitalcsectionrates.htm)

At Mind, Baby, Body the birth of your baby is not a medical procedure but a natural and beautiful celebration of life.  We do everything possible to ensure a peaceful, calming and empowering experience. Please read the testimonials about our many satisfied parents and their healthy babies. 
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To read the full 114 page report from Amnesty International go to:  http://www.amnestyusa.org/sites/default/files/pdfs/deadlydelivery.pdf